Monthly Meat Subscription FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Aradia Farm’s Monthly Meat Subscription

How long is the commitment?

  • We have two options for length of commitment, monthly or 6 months.  Typically new customers choose a monthly plan to try it out.  Monthly members can suspend, cancel or upgrade their membership at any time.  Our returning customers typically choose to pay 6 months at a time; although new members also have that option.

What cuts do I get each month?

  • Each month you can choose what cuts you would like in your share based on what we have available.  Each month you will receive and email with the cuts that we will have available that month.  We also occasionally have additional cuts in limited quantities.  All of our specialty cuts are available exclusively to CSA members.

Do you have a beef only option?

  • We do not offer a beef only option; however you are able to choose what cuts you want each month.  If you are interested in only beef, then you may select only beef in your share.

Where can I pick up my monthly order?

  • We have two on farm pick ups – the first Monday of each month at the farm in Southbury from 2-6 pm and the first Wednesday of each month at the farm in Oxford from 3-6 pm.
  • We also have a pick up location at the Westport Farmers Market – the first market of each month.
  • We now also offer delivery to all of New England, New York and New Jersey.

What payments do you accept?

  • We accept Paypal and credit card through our website.

Can I cancel my membership?

  • Yes.  You can cancel or suspend your membership at anytime by going to the My Account page.

I’m worried my family won’t go through 5 pounds every month. What can I do to prevent an overflow in my freezer?

  • If you find that 5 lbs every month is too much, you can always suspend your subscription and resume when you need more meat.

When does my membership start?

  • Your membership will start on the 1st day of the following month.  Due to limitations with our software, whether you sign up on Jan 2nd or Jan 31st , you will not be billed until Feb 1st and your first pick up will be the first week of Feb.  

I just signed up.  What happens now?

  • A few days prior to pick up you will receive an email with all the details of your membership.  This will include your pick up times and locations, your subscription type and a list of what we have available.  You will be billed on the 1st day of the month automatically.

Thank you all for a wonderful 6 years! When we set out on this journey, we never imagined the relationships we would cultivate, the stories we would live to tell and the fun we would have. Here we are, six years later and man it’s been a wild ride. But every ride must end and we’ve chosen to end on a high note. While it’s a bittersweet announcement, we’re excited about what lies ahead. We are proud to have shared our passion of farming and good meat with each of you. Thank you all for your support and love over the years. Dismiss