Monthly Meat Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Aradia Farm’s Monthly Meat Subscription

What cuts do I get each month?

  • Each month you can choose what cuts you would like in your share based on what we have available.  Each month you will receive and email with the cuts that we will have available that month.  We also occasionally have additional cuts in limited quantities.  All of our specialty cuts are available exclusively to CSA members.

Do you have a beef only option?

  • We do not offer a beef only option; however you are able to choose what cuts you want each month.  If you are interested in only beef, then you may select only beef in your share.

I’m worried my family won’t go through 5 pounds every month. What can I do to prevent an overflow in my freezer?

  • If you find that 5 lbs every month is too much, you can always suspend your subscription and resume when you need more meat.