Aradia Farm started in the backyard of the Templeton family in Southbury, CT nearly 20 years ago.  For several years, we raised meat for personal use, expanding to family and friends.  In the summer of 2013, we decided to expand and begin selling to the community.

        Since we started as a very small operation, we have been able to care for the animals in the best possible way.  We love our animals and want them to be happy and thrive.  This philosophy has carried through with our expansion.  We are still small enough that we can hand raise all of our animals and we strive to give them the best possible care.  We believe that they deserve the very best of everything, including the feed they are given.  Because we raise heritage breeds, they are able to thrive on their natural and intended diet and we allow them to do so.  All of our animals are given organic vegetable and fruits year round and our cattle are grass fed (and finished).
And we firmly believe if you are what you eat, then you should know what  your food is eating.  If there is ever a question about how they are raised, or what they are fed, feel free to ask or set up an appointment to visit the farm.

Aradia Farm’s Vision

Provide the highest quality beef and pork products with:

  • The highest regard for community, employees and animal health, welfare & safety
  • No antibiotics, added hormones and GMOs
  • Minimal energy inputs
  • Maximum reuse and recycling of matter
  • And with a goal of sustainability both environmentally and economically

Farmers Pledge sign w-o
Proud Sustainne Business Member

Aradia Farm is not certified organic; however, we do follow the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) standards and have signed the CT NOFA Farmers Pledge.

Here are some examples of our sustainable farming practices:

Fly Control

Flies can be annoying and potentially dangerous to our animals.  To combat flies we use a few different methods.  First we use our chickens to help keep flies and insects under control.  Chickens are great for scratching to get insects in the ground, and the ducks are particularly good at finding mosquito larvae.    In addition to our chickens we use fly parasites – a non invasive species which feeds off the larvae of flies.

Compost Fertilizer

One of the great benefits of raising animals, is the amazing fertilizer.   In the spring we collect the compost from the wintering barn and have rich compost to spread over the pastures to get them started for the year.  While on pasture the animals will naturally spread it to continue building healthy soil.  Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing our compost.