Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle produce Grass Fed Beef of excellent quality and flavor with good marbling.

Dexter Cattle grass fed beef has a delightful taste that is lean.  Due to their small size, Dexter Cattle yield smaller cuts of beef, but the quality and coloring are usually exceptional.

Due to the smaller size cuts, Dexter Cattle beef is ideally suited to a boutique meat market or the home freezer.

Dexter cattle finish well off grass, without supplementary feeding at 18 to 24 months old, with an average live weight of approx 350 kgs.

For more information on Dexter Cattle, visit the American Dexter Cattle Association or the Purebred Dexter Cattle Association

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Why choose Aradia Farm Grass Fed Beef?

Cattle at Aradia Farm are on pasture in Oxford, CT year round.  They always have access to a large pasture where they have free access to grass (or hay).  We run our own breeding program; our cows give birth naturally in the pasture.   Calves are left with their mothers, and we let the mothers wean them to prevent stress on the mother and calf.   We take great pride in providing the best life possible for our cattle.  This is just one reason our beef is superior; happy cattle have lower stress which results in more tender and flavorful meat.

Our cattle receive organic fruits and vegetables multiple times a week, along with all the grass and hay in the pasture.  Our cattle have year round access to organic, fresh fruits and vegetables.