Pure CT Maple Syrup

Information on Maple Sugaring

Maple sap is a very complex combination of water, sugar, minerals, anti-oxidants, and vitamins

It takes approximately 40 liters of sap to make 1 liter of syrup. The amount of sap needed is dependent on the sugar content of the sap. The lower the sugar content the more sap is required to boil down to produce the 1 liter of syrup. Conversely if the sugar content is high then less sap is required to make the same 1 liter of syrup.

The principle of boiling sap to remove excess water has not changed for hundreds of years, only the equipment to do so has.

Sap begins to degenerate as soon as it leaves the tree on its journey to the sugar house. Keeping the sap cool once it arrives in the sugar house and processing the sap quickly greatly improves ones chances of producing high quality delicious tasting maple syrup.

Cold nights and warm sunny days are ideal for sap to flow. Changes in barometric pressure such as when a new weather system approaches will also cause sap to flow.

Benefits of Maple Syrup

Contains Numerous Antioxidants

Gets a Lower Score on the Glycemic Index (than refined sugar)

Fights Inflammatory Diseases

Alternative To Sugar For Improved Digestion

Supplies Important Vitamins and Minerals