Aradiant Skin Care

Aradiant Skin Care is a natural skin care line from Aradia Farm.  Using a unique blend of oils, we hand craft top quality lotions, soaps, and natural remedies.  Made with food quality, natural and organic ingredients, our skin care is perfect for every type of skin, even the most sensitive skin!

Aradiant Skin Care began in 2015 as a way to increase sustainability at Aradia Farm.  We are a small local meat producer raising pastured pork and grass fed beef.  As our production grew we became concerned about how to better utilize the whole animal to cut down on waste in our environment.  Our first attempt was to create suet cakes.  It was evident that this was not a commercially viable product, but our neighborhood birds ate well that winter!

In making those suet cakes, we noticed how nice our skin was despite the frigid winter we were having.  We started testing recipes using our own ingredients as well as other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter.

We began sampling these recipes at markets and even had requests for the product before we were selling it.  The official product launch was in November of 2015.  By Jan of 2016, we had a dedicated workshop for creating, testing, and producing Aradiant Skin Care.  In 2017, we became a licensed manufacturer of cosmetics in the state of CT. 

Aradiant Skin Care is a product of Aradia Farm LLC