Frequently Asked Questions about our Monthly Meat CSA Membership

What is a CSA membership? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Our CSA membership is a monthly subscription to our entire selection of beef and pork.  Members choose their desired cuts each month based on what we have available.

Am I committed to a CSA membership for a certain length of time?

No.  With our monthly payments you can cancel your membership at anytime.  If for any reason you don’t wish continue, you can cancel or suspend your account through the My Account page.

What comes in each CSA share?

You can choose what cuts you would like each month based on what is in our inventory.  Want all bacon?  Then you can take all bacon.

When does my membership start?

Memberships start the first of the next month.  For example whether you sign up Oct 2, Oct 19 or Oct 31, your membership will start on Nov 1.  If you are signing up through the website and see that your total is $0, that is because you don’t owe anything until the first of the month.  It will show you that the recurring charge will start the following month, with the amount owed.

I’m afraid I won’t consume it all and it will begin to stock pile in my freezer.  What can I do to prevent this?

Our CSA allows you to take as little as 5 pounds per month.  If you still think that will be too much, choose a monthly payment plan.  If you freezer begins to fill, simply suspend your subscription.  Through the My Account page, you can suspend your membership for any amount of time.  When you want to reactivate, simply go back to the My Account page and reactivate.  Billing will begin again at the beginning of the next month.

What if I can’t make the pick up times?

If you can’t make the pick up time, just let us know.  We are happy to work out another time for you to pick it up.

What if I only want less expensive cuts?  Do I still have to pay the full amount?

This only applies to beef, as our pork products are all around the same price.  If you are only interested in lower quality cuts of beef such as ground beef, we do have a ground beef only option.  While it officially is a ground beef only option, we will allow substitutions for other cuts of the same price such as stew beef and cubed steaks.

I see there is a pork only option.  Is there a beef only option as well?

There is no beef only option except for ground beef.  With our beef and pork plan you can choose any cuts you want so you can choose to get only beef.  A beef only option would only be more expensive and would give our customers no extra benefit.

I’m going on vacation for an extended time period (4+ weeks).  Can I suspend my CSA membership while I’m away and reactivate it when I get home?

Absolutely.  On the My Account page, you can suspend your subscription for any length of time.  To reactivate, simply go back to the My Account page and reactivate.  When your subscription is reactivated, regular billing will continue.  It is best to do this with the monthly membership.

Where can I pick up my monthly CSA membership share?

We offer several pick up options for CSA shares.  The pick up schedule is:

Southbury Farm – 1st Monday of each month from 2 pm – 6 pm

Oxford Farm – 1st Wednesday of each month from 3 pm – 6pm

Westport Farmers Market – 1st market of each month from 10 am -2 pm

We also offer delivery anywhere in New England, New York and New Jersey.

Where do I pick up my share when the farmers market is closed?

We work with each customer individually to get them their share.  In the past, we have delivered it to them, they’ve come to the farm to pick it up, or they waited until the market began again to get their share.  We work hard to make sure that it is as convenient as possible for each of our members.

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