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Aradia Farm Meat CSA



Why Meat CSA?

The Aradia Farm meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) offers a variety of “shares” of what we produce on the farm to customers in Litchfield, New Haven and Fairfield counties.  Members purchase a “subscription”, and receive meat from us every month.  Our customers tell us they get more flavorful, healthier food and learn more about how food is produced.  This helps our farm’s cash flow and gives us an opportunity to know the people who eat the food from our farm.

Benefits of a CSA:

  • Superior Taste and Quality: Many people tell us our “meat tastes like meat used to taste”.  This is due to our organic farming practices, and all of our animals are pasture raised (beef- grass fed and finished.)  
  • Buy Local: Many of our customers want more of their money to stay in the local economy.  We’re near where you live, and we make every effort to buy from local suppliers.
  • Know Your Farmer:  We are the farmers.  All of our meat was raised and cared for by us.  Anyone you meet at Aradia Farm works with the animals and maintains the standard of care that you would expect.  We are always happy to answer questions or share the latest goings on around the farm.
  • Convenience: You can pick up your share at the farm during our CSA pick up hours, the first Monday of every month from 2-6.  Or if you would rather pick it up at one of our markets, let us know and we can arrange to bring it to the market.
  • Responsive Customer Service:  Meeting and exceeding your expectations is very important to us.  If there is anything we can do better, please let us know.  We are constantly trying to improve what we do.
  • Exclusive offers:  Our CSA members have exclusive cuts and offers available to them first.  If we have excess of a particular cut, it is offered to our CSA customers first at a severely discounted rate.  
  • Savings: The most beneficial part of a CSA is the savings to our customers.  Unlike most vegetable or fruit CSA’s we guarantee you the same amount of meat every month – you will always get what you paid for!  And because we have guaranteed customers, we can offer the lowest price possible through our CSA.  Over the season you save an average of $139 (based on full share and varies by cuts you choose) over retail prices.  We also offer additional products as add-ons at a discounted rate to our members.  In addition to the add-ons, we offer 35% off online orders of Aradiant Skin Care products.   

Meat CSA Seasons

We do two CSA “seasons” per year.  They are each six months, running April to September, and October to March.   You can join at any time point in the season at a pro-rated prices.

Meat CSA Delivery Sites

Farm Pick up in Southbury, CT – First Monday of each month from 2 – 6 pm.

Farm Pick up in Oxford, CT – First Wednesday of each month from 3 – 6 pm

Westport Farmers Market Pick up, Westport, CT – First market of each month

What Comes in each Share

Each month, our member choose the cuts they want from all the cuts we currently have available.  There is no restriction on what type of cuts you can choose each month.

Meat CSA Share Options and Full Season Pricing

We offer a variety of options for CSA shares.  Our full share is 10+ pounds per month.  A half share is 5+ pounds per month.  


Option 1: Half Share (5+lbs) Beef and Pork $455.00

Option 2: Full Share (10+lbs) Beef and Pork $835.00

Option 3: Half Share (5+lbs) Pork Only $415.00

Option 4: Full Share (10+lbs) Pork Only $770.00

*Discounts available for early bird sign ups, paying in full and returning members!


CSA Add-Ons

In addition to the standard shares, you can purchase separate add-ons to accompany your CSA share.  You must purchase a full or half share CSA in order to purchase an add-on.

Eggs: 1 Dozen Eggs with your monthly pick up $36.00

Maple Syrup: 1 8 oz bottle with your monthly pick up $65.00


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