Meet the Farmers

These are the hardworking people that make Aradia Farm possible!

Aradia Farm Morgan

Morgan Templeton

Favorite thing about

working on the farm: I love the variety of work and the fact there is always something new and exciting happening.

Favorite Product: I love everything, but some of my favorites products would be our Sugar Scrub, and our Luxury Lotion (especially when used together!)  

I also absolutely love our hot Italian sausage – I usually mix it with scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Fun Facts:

I graduated from UConn in 2010 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

I coach club volleyball at Sacred Heart University and CT Juniors in my spare time.

Aradia Farm Vivian

Vivian Templeton

Favorite thing about working on the farm: I love when the cows and pigs get loose.  And I love being able to chase them all over town!

Favorite Product: My favorite product is the luxury lotion.  Its so hydrating and healing – a must have for a farmer!

Fun Facts:

I recently became a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy!

Aradia Farm Jim

Jim Templeton

Favorite part of farm: I love working hard and being outside.  I also love my cows like pets

Favorite product: Maple syrup is my favorite product – I also love making it.

Fun facts :

I grew up working on a dairy farm in Dutchess County, NY.  

My full time job is as an engineer designing and building power plants and alternative energy power plants around the country.

Aradia Farm Laura

Laura Markowicz

Favorite part of farm: Caring for and enjoying the animals .

Favorite product: I can’t live without stunning slumber and lip balm.

Fun facts :

I have a BS in mass communications and am a certified shiatsu therapist.

Aradia Farm Emily

Emily Meyer

Favorite thing about working on the farm: The people I work with

Favorite Product: I love the Hot italian sausage

Fun Facts:

I am attending UNH in the fall to study nutrition

I was on a national top 10 FFA dairy judging team and won a silver medal as an individual.  Over the summer, our team is going on a dairy judging trip to Scotland.